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Lessons learned migrating a large python application

Unfortunately Pycon didn’t record the first 9 slides, so the whole talk isn’t available.


Saturday 10 November, 2018


At Wave, I’ve been a part of the team, from inception to now, rewriting and replacing the old accounting system. We rewrote it with what we thought were best practices and better domain designs. Now we just had to get people onto this system…how hard can that be?

I’ll speak to the plan we had, how we executed it, the pitfalls, the wins and how we move millions of users worth of data with little to no downtime except a few minutes for a given user.

Testing Responsibly With Python

There was no video recording that day at the python meetup!




A talk on testing in python focusing on the pitfalls of using mock poorly at scale.

How Wave does database sharding with Django


Saturday 7 November, 2015


Learn how we handle a large amount of data in Django by sharding the data using a developer friendly interface. I’ll be talking about what we learned from our initial implementation and sharding style as well as the details we used in implementing a newer system.

First, learn about why we shard, why you probably want to shard, what we originally tried and why it didn’t work.

Next, learn about how we re-implemented sharding including the router, unique id generation and all the code that went into the project.

Finally, I’ll touch on some of the more advanced topics such as shard re-balancing and dealing with replication lag time.